Welcome to the Huestis Insurance Group Online Learning Campus

Course Catalogue

Module A-1-Licensing

Course list
  • Fundamentals of Insurance - Full Course
  • Fundamentals of Insurance - Practice Exam Only

Module A-2-Orientation

Course list
  • How To Add A Prospect In TAM
  • Huestis Orientation
  • Overview of the Procedure Manual (Personal Lines)
  • Policy: HIG Underwriting Guidelines (Personal Lines)
  • Policy: Huestis Accounts Receivable Policy
  • TAM Basics

Module B-1-Theory

Course list
  • Overview of Common Homeowners Endorsements
  • Overview of the SPF No. 1 and Common Endorsements
  • Wording Review Homeowners Property

Module B-2-Workflows 1

Course list
  • TAM Demonstrations: Policy Changes
  • Workflow - Policy Changes

Module B-2-Workflows 2

Course list
  • Workflow - Claims

Module B-2-Workflows 3

Course list
  • Workflow - Cancellations
  • Workflow - NSF / Reinstatement

Module B-3-Professional Development

Course list
  • Personal Lines Workflows Seminar
  • Peter Morris talks: Once and Done
  • Wording Review - Homeowners Liability
  • Wording Review Homeowners Property