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Huestis Orientation, Licensing & Epic

Welcome to Huestis!


Welcome to the Huestis Insurance Group and to Huestis University! We are excited to have you join us to learn about the insurance industry. 

At this point, you should have received an email from Cathy at ITAC Inc. containing your log in instructions and a link to the video "Getting Started with the New Hire Training Program" or the "JUMPstart" video. This first part of the program is Orientation, followed by Licensing, Navigating Epic and Job Shadow at Reception. Refer to the accompanying documents found on the New Hire Training webpage on SharePoint. The checklists found on SharePoint list the Learning Objectives, activities and assignments, that should be done before moving onto the next objective,module or course.

Always read through everything in the online course (don't skip anything) and don't forget to refer to the SharePoint page to access the latest supporting documents and links. The checklist found in each section indicates the support person(s) for each learning point. If it's ITAC, you come here. If it's Applied, you go to Applied Community/University, and if it's Office/Team Lead/Buddy, you refer to those contacts at your office.

If you have any questions, you can send inquiries to cathy@itacinc.com.

Fundamentals of Insurance - Refresher

Make sure to keep in contact with Cathy when taking this refresher course. Submit assignments before moving onto the next section.

Huestis New Hire: Policy Changes (Auto)

This is the second course of the new hire training program. You should be a licensed Broker before you take this course. The main focus of this course is handling Auto Policy Changes.

Huestis New Hire: Rewrites (Auto)

This mini course goes through the Rewrites/Remarketing workflow.

This workflow:

  • is most often followed after a cancellation of a renewal (due to increase in premium or at the Insured's request); or
  • sometimes used after a mid-term change that either generates a cancellation of the risk (because the risk now falls outside the parameters of the Insurer) or where the change in premium is so high - it warrants a mid-term re-market.

Videos have been provided to aid the learning process.

Huestis New Hire: New Business (Auto) Quoting

This mini course shows a video running through the entire new business process.  Once you have completed the course, you can always come back and re-visit the video(s).


  • adding and qualifying a prospect
  • quoting auto insurance


Huestis New Hire: Claims

This mini course reviews all of the associated workflows relating to processing Claims.


Huestis Workflows - Accounting

This course reviews the new myEpic workflows.

Huestis New Hire: Cancellations

This module reviews the cancellation workflow as well as looks at why cancellations occur and the steps involved in trying to save business (retain the policy/client).

Fundamentals of Insurance - Full Course

With this course, you are preparing to challenge the government licensing exam.  There is a lot of information covered in this course - it is an overview of the insurance world.  ITAC wants you to pass your exam the first time and offers this online course as pre-work for classroom, although many have successfully passed just using this online piece.  Your introductory email from ITAC will contain instructions - make sure to follow all instructions.  If you require assistance in getting organized (creating a study plan) or to clarify content or if you are experiencing technical difficulty, you can contact cathy@itacinc.com.

Fundamentals of Insurance - Practice Exam Only

Prerequisite: it is important that before you start these online practice exams that you have either:
  • reviewed the Fundamentals of Insurance - Full Course online with ITAC Inc.
  • attended the General Licensing class at ITAC Inc.
  • read the entire IBAC Fundamentals of Insurance manual.
This online program provides randomly generated tests to help you practice for your upcoming licensing exam. The questions are divided into sections General, Commercial Property, Personal Lines, Liability, Automobile, Accident & Sickness, and Brokers Ethics. The pass mark for each test is 90% and the program will tell you which questions you answered incorrectly.  It is recommended that you review your textbooks and other resources to look up any topics you are struggling with on the online tests. 

Huestis New Hire: New Business Binding

This course reviews the second myEpic workflow of the New Business process.

Huestis New Hire: Phase 2 Property Training (Starts Here)

Congratulations, now that you have mastered the auto side of the business, you are ready to move on to property! 

How To Add A Prospect In TAM

This mini course is a supplement to Applied University TAM Training.  It is a how-to do something in TAM within the context of the Huestis Insurance Group workflows.  Along with text instruction, you will find links to videos to allow you to see the steps in action. 

You can play the video over again as many times as you need. 

You can also pause the video.


Overview of the Procedure Manual (Personal Lines)

This mini course gives an introduction to the Procedure Manual which contains all of the TAM workflows and helpful hints.

Huestis New Hire: Phase 2 Policy Wordings, Quoting & Application

This module gives an overview of the homeowners forms and common endorsements including the application form. Following the theory portion, it then moves onto common property policy changes you will do as an Account Manager including the quoting aspect.

Policy: HIG Underwriting Guidelines (Personal Lines)

It is really important to know and follow Huestis' Underwriting Guidelines.

This mini course gives you an introduction to the guidelines.  NOTE: The guidelines are subject to updates, therefore, this course is to help you familiarize yourself with the guidelines.  In your day-to-day work, you should reference the latest copy available on the intranet.

Huestis New Hire: Phase 2 New Business (Property)

This course walks you through the New Business Binding workflow for property.

Policy: Huestis Accounts Receivable Policy

This mini course reviews the Accounts Receivable Policy for Huestis Insurance Group.

All employees need to know this policy for the purposes of making payment arrangements with Insureds and also for any employees dealing with clients experiencing payment issues.

About the Processors and Processing Centres

This mini course gives a brief overview of the Processors.  In understanding the Processors role, you can appreciate the importance of getting your work entered in the proper order and leaving the appropriate activity open to prevent bottlenecks in the Processing Centre.

Personal Lines Workflows Seminar

This online course is available to Huestis employees only.  It is required pre-work for anyone attending the Personal Lines Orientation/Workflows Seminar hosted by ITAC Inc.

If you have taken the seminar but want to do a refresher, request access to the online "Huestis Group Orientation / Refresher" course.

Huestis Epic: Understanding Reports

Josh Lapointe provides an overview of My Reports in Applied Epic.

Workflow - NSF / Reinstatement

This mini course reviews these short and sweet workflows.

Workflow - Renewals

This mini course reviews the Renewal workflow for Huestis Personal Lines Account Managers.

Videos have been provided in this course.

  • In order to hear the audio, you will have to watch them from your local desktop (not from within the Huestis server).
  • To watch a video, copy the URL address below the video name and then paste it into the URL address bar on your local desktop's internet browser.

Workflow - New Business (Home)

From start to finish, Kelly goes through the new business workflow.

  • Adding and Qualifying a Prospect
  • Quoting Home Insurance
  • Moving a Prospect to the Customer database
  • Completing a Home Application

This mini course shows a video [eventually this will be a series of videos].  Once you have completed this course, you can always come back and re-visit the videos you need to jog your memory on how to follow the workflows, or how to use RealTime and Applied Rating Services to quote, or how to enter information into TAM.

BFF Training

Janet Guptill runs through the BFF software including a Q&A session at the end. NOTE: This webinar was recorded February 2019.

Working with Scripts (Part 1)

This course examines scripts that can help you with your day-to-day operations as an Account Manager.

Overview of the SPF No. 1 and Common Endorsements

This mini-course provides an overview of the Automobile Standard Policy Form No. 1.


The wording used in this course is the 2016 version from the Government of Nova Scotia.  It is similar to other Canadian Provinces.  


Upon reviewing this course, you are encouraged to look at your own auto policy to compare and contrast coverage.  If you live in another province, even a Maritime province, you will still find variations among the SPF#1s due to differences in our laws and our governments.


Wording Review - The Homeowners Comprehensive Package (IBC 1155) Form

This mini course does a quick review of a Homeowners Insurance Package policy which includes:

  • The Homeowners Comprehensive IBC 1155 wording - which is Section 1 of a package policy covering personal lines property
  • The Homeowners Liability IBC 1164 wording - which is Section 2 of a package policy covering personal lines liability.
  • NOTE: These wordings are not sold in today's market; however, they serve as a template - a basis upon which today's Insurers have built on to create their package policies.


The IBC 1155 and IBC 1164 are a good introduction to familiarize yourself with Homeowners wordings.


Working with Scripts (Part 2)

This course looks at more scripts to help you with your day-to-day activities as an Account Manager.

Wording Review Homeowners Property

This course looks at an Insurer's wording.  This is a continuation from the Review of the IBC 1155 (Homeowners Property Section 1) wording.  The purpose is to provide you with a guided look at one insurer's wordings.

NOTE: as a Broker, you should always pull the most recent wording from your insurer's portal.  This course is to help you become comfortable with reading wordings and does not focus on every detail of the wordings because they are insurer specific and also subject to change over time.

Wording Review - Homeowners Liability

This mini course does a quick review of the template Homeowners Liability wording (IBC 1164) which other Insurers have followed with a few amendments and additions.   

We recommend, after completing this mini course, you review at least one of your insurer's wordings to compare - with the liability section, you will find it is much more similar than the property wordings.


Overview of Common Homeowners Endorsements

This course is a continuation from the Homeowners wordings course.  The focus is on the common homeowners endorsements we sell today.

Like with the other wording review courses, the discussion is general because every insurer offers their own version with their own twist in terms of limits and deductibles offered, coverage, extensions and exclusions to these endorsements.

Even though it is a general discussion, it does go through the endorsements in detail.  You may want to review the video a couple of times over.  As always, we recommend that you pull similar wordings from one or two of your insurers to start and compare and contrast between them.

Evaluators / Replacement Cost Calculators

This course goes beyond the software training (Applied ITV, ezITV, RCT, etc.) and discusses the common questions Brokers need to ask clients to plug into the software.


Account Manager Reviews

This mini course looks at:

  • a sample AMRV for an existing auto policy
  • a sample AMRV for an existing tenants policy
  • tips for keeping up with activities (FFRVs and AMRVs)


TAM Demonstrations: Policy Changes

This mini course goes beyond the Workflows course to show, in TAM, how to do several policy changes you are likely to do many times in your career as an Account Manager.

CSR Circle of Success

This course focuses on fostering and enhancing the Customer Service skills of a Broker or Account Manager.


Supervisor Training: Accounting and Reports

Cathy Thibodeau leads this video introducing the sections of the Supervisors Handbook regarding Accounting and Accounting Reports.

Supervisor Training: Management & MAR Reports

Paul McKinley reviews the Management Reports section of the Supervisor Handbook, including the Monthly Agency Reports (MARs).

Supervisor Training: Generating Reports in Applied TAM

Karen LeBlanc leads this video to show you how to generate your own meaningful reports using Applied TAM. Additional information can be found in your Supervisors Handbook.

Peter Morris talks: Once and Done

This is part one of a 3-part series that has proven to improve sales of Huestis Account Managers.  This component contains a video link to [approximately] a  1.5-hour video.  Once you have watched the video, return to the course to complete the short quiz.  The first piece is on Once-and-Done, the second piece is on Retention and the final piece is on Cross-selling and Up-selling.


TAM Basics

This mini course does a quick tour of TAM and shows a few things you can start playing with to develop comfort with the software.

Peter Morris talks: Retention

Because Retention is so important to a brokerage, we have moved this webinar up in the rotation, so it’s now number two in this 3-part series. These webinars have proven to improve the success of Huestis offices and Peter Morris has agreed for us to record these so our employees can review this material as often as they require. This recording is 65 minutes – you can pause the video at anytime (see note below). Once you have watched the video, return to the course to complete the short quiz.  

The first piece was Once-and-Done (which you should have already taken), this second piece is Retention and the final piece will be on Cross-selling and Up-selling (training will be provided as you become more experienced handling your current book of business) .

Peter Morris talks: Up-sell & Cross-sell

Welcome to the last video of this 3-part series.  These webinars have proven to improve the success of Account Managers in growing their book of business and Peter Morris has agreed for us to record these so you can review this material as often as you require.  This recording is approximately 1 hour – you can pause the video at anytime (see note below).  Once you have watched the video, return to the course to complete the short quiz.

Huestis Workflows - Personal Lines

This course reviews the new myEpic workflows.

Huestis Workflows - Commercial Lines

This course reviews the new myEpic workflows.

Huestis Group Orientation / Refresher

The purpose of this online course is threefold:

  1. To provide immediate training to new employees who are just starting their career at Huestis Insurance Group and are awaiting their first training seminar or licensing course.
  2. To serve as both pre- and post-seminar exercises for all Huestis employees.  We understand that in-person training is valuable, but due to the amount of content demonstrated with limited time to absorb and practice, having this information available before and after is vital to your success.
  3. To serve as a refresher for employees who have taken the training before.

CAIB Level I

Level I explores all aspects of Personal Lines Insurance Coverages. Topics covered include government regulation, homeowners wordings and extensions, farm coverage, automobile insurance & endorsements and broker ethics.


Level II explores many aspects of commercial property coverages. Topics covered include: risk assessment, named perils & broad form wordings & extensions, transportation & contractors’ coverages, crime & business interruption.

Webinar: Electronic Signatures - Using eSignLive

This mini-course is an introduction to using the eSignLive portal as part of your everyday processes.  This course is a supplement to the manual that is on the SharePoint site.

Webinar: BlueButler Software Introduction

This mini course is an introduction of the BlueButler software and the documents available to you to help you get used to using the system.


Level III advances further into Commercial Lines coverages. Topics covered include: the law & liability exposures, the commercial general liability (CGL) wording and other liability wordings, marine cargo & aviation insurance, surety bonds and risk management.

Webinar: Overland Water

This webinar goes into more detail on Overland Water coverage available in our industry today (originally recorded in November and December 2018).

The purpose is to help Brokers develop a comfort level with the terminology and the offerings that are available for our Insureds.


Level IV explores the many aspects of the management process within the insurance brokerage. Topics covered include the functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing & controlling. Also included are marketing & automation.

Huestis - Applied Training Tracker (Commercial Lines Service)

This course is done in conjunction with the Applied University online training. Start here to find the list of courses you should be taking and complete the knowledge checks here. 

Huestis - Applied Training Tracker (Personal Lines Service)

This course is done in conjunction with the Applied University online training. Start here to find the list of courses you should be taking and complete the knowledge checks here. 

Review: Homeowners Insurance

This mini course is a review of the Comprehensive wording (property and liability) and common homeowners endorsements.

Huestis Train the Trainer Pre-Work

This course contains the workflow videos for your review prior to your session in August 19-28, 2019.

Huestis - Applied Training Tracker (Sales)

This course is done in conjunction with the Applied University online training. Start here to find the list of courses you should be taking and complete the knowledge check(s) here. Once you have finished viewing all of the course material and have taken the test module(s), you will have the option to print your certificate of completion.

Huestis - Applied Training Tracker (General Foundation)

This course is done in conjunction with the Applied University online training. Start here to find the list of courses you should be taking and complete the knowledge checks here.